Youngest Applicant to get Australia Immigration/PR Visas

By Vishal Shah – Principal [email protected] Education

I usually do not have the habit of sharing Case History of PR applicants. But this one was unique. In 2018, I came across Mr. HARSH NAYAK who visited me for PTE coaching. He was a Mechanical Engineer by profession and wanted to go to Australia.

He was 22 by then(Age).

He appeared very bright, good at English and he asked me whether it is possible to go to Australia on PR at such a young age. I was a bit surprised as usually, at this age, applicants always go to foreign destinations on Student Visas. However, Harsh was different.

I told him that provided, he is able to get 79 each in PTE(as he did not have good experience in his field), we can definitely give it a try. He joined our PTE coaching and worked rigorously to make sure that he gets the best score. Eventually, his hard work paid off. He scored 79 in each module of PTE. We applied for his assessment from the designated assessment body and after getting the positive assessment we immediately submitted his file for State sponsorship. We failed the first time as he was having very limited experience in his field(8 months approximately). We did not lose our heart. He was a bit disappointed for not getting the state sponsorhip. But very soon, he garnered confidence, prepared the file, and applied again.

After 3 long months, we got the state sponsorship and also got the Invitation from Home Affairs, Australia(Immigration Department). We submitted the file and within 6 months, we finally got the PR visas.

Through this case, I would like to highlight one very important thing that if you are determined, everything is possible. When students think of going on a student visas at the age of 22, Harsh thought differently. He is planning to move to Austalia in January, 2020 and we wish him the very best of luck to this special kid.

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