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5000+ Students with more than 7.5 bands
2000+ Students with more than 79 score


CareerMakers is proud to deliver top class results in IELTS and PTE year afer year. We concentrate on Skills Development in Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening which helps to get a very high score.

Our skills have helped students to increase their band score from 5 Bands to 8 Bands. No wonder, we are regarded as the BEST IELTS & PTE Coaching classes in Ahmedabad. 

We very well know and understand your requirements of getting a higher score to get Admission in Good University or to get the Canada or Australia PR under FSW or PNP.

Join our result oriented coaching to see the difference.


Results, Results, Results. Eventually, this is what everyone wants.



Vikash Savani

I thank Careermakers and its team for spending valuable time and efforts for my IELTS score. I come grom Gujarati Background and used to make lots of mistakes. But I was given personalised guidance and Careermakers made sure that i get a fantastic score. I think Careermakers is the best coaching class of Ahmedabad who also take care of weaker
students. - Vikas Savani

Jaideep Hingol

Jaideep Hingol

Got 7.5 band in IELTS and also got Autralia PR. Careermakers is one stop shop for all your foreign education and settlement needs.


Vrusthi Chauhan

Got PTE score required for my Australia student visas process. I required to get only 58 overall. But Careermakers literally pushed my limits and told me not to settle at low score. I was made to work hard and was given top class guidance in PTE. I scored 80 overall and more importantly got admission in top Univesity of Australia. Best PTE classes without any doubt.


Anish Austin

Inarguably the best IELTS tutorials in the city. This was my second experiene with Careermakers. I did IELTS preparation through them in 2006 when I wanted to go to the UK. At that point of time I got 6.5 bands. Just recently I again took their guidance for PR application and got the desired score in IELTS needed for me to apply for Canada PR. Over the last 15 years that I have been, I could see that in spite of the fact that they have grown, the helping nature of them has never gone. There are very few organizations as grounded as them and I feel proud to be associated with them. They are the best IELTS coaching classes near me in Ahmedabad

17 nidhi shah

Nidhi Shah

Wonderful guidance and assitance for IELTS provided to me. I scored what is required for applying. Thanks Careermakers and its team.


Bejoy Thomas (PTE Score of 90)

Colleen PTE JPG


Janki Patel
Jigar Sanghvi
Pavneet Kaur

Pavneet Kaur (PTE Score of 90)

Got Australi PR(Immigration) and also scored 90 in PTE. Such is their combination that you do not need to go anywhere else. They are top notch performers. Do not go anywhere else if success is what you want.

Sarth Dave

Sarth Dave

Got 90 in each module of PTE(First attempt). I was only able to join the class for 15 days. But guidance was immaculate and hence got a score that was beyond imagination. Thanks Careermakers.


And Many Many More...Delivering Results year after year

Karan Ranka

Karan Ranka

Getting a score of more of 90 in the first attempt in PTE is not easy. However, the technique based teaching at Careermakers makes thebest PTE Coaching center in entire Gujarat. I got my Australia PR also through them. Thanks Vishal and his team.


Nirav Patel

I wanted to apply for Canada PR under FSW program. I was cerntain that I will get the visas processing done through Careermakers becuase of their immaculate record. But I was not sure about where to join IELTS. However, the coaching was at its best as well as Careermakers. Most importantly, they developed my skills in Speaking and Writing. Otherwise I would have not got this score in first attempt. The best IELTS caoching class near me. In face, the best IELTS coaching classes in Ahmedabad.


Priyanka Nair

Fantastic coaching, Fantastic envirnonment and fantastic result. The care Careermakers take of every student is so touching that you shall not get that at any other institue. The batch size is normal so that teacher are able to pay attention to each and every student. Careermakers is truly the best IELTS caoching class of Ahmedabad. They are having vast experience of caoching in IELTS and PTE.



mY SCORE : Listening : 8.5, Reading 8.5, Writing : 8.0, Speaking 8.0, OVERALL 8.5. Do I need to say more ?


Jil Patel

My entire group got more than 7 bands in IELTS. We wanted to get this score to get admission in top universities of Canada. Hence, we are very happy about it. Careermakes is the best IELTS and PTE coaching class near my residence and probably the best in Ahmedabad as well. Furthermore, the teaching is upto the mark and very much result oriented. I thank each and everybody in team of Careermakers who helped us out to get this fabulous score.

Nidhi Jayani

Vinod Tulsiani
8.5 Bands with a score of 9, 9, 8, 8 in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking


Colleen Gomez with PTE Score of 90, 90,90,90 in each Module


Ekta Taneja for getting 8.5 Bands in IELTS

Dhrasthi Brahmbhatt
Dhyey shah

Dhyey Shah

I got Canada student visas and also got a very good Score in IELTS. Would have not been possible if not for the guidance of Careermakers. Thank you so much. Careermakers Rocks...

Deepika Khaie

Deepika Khaire

Got this reults after 30 days of Coaching. Staff is cooperative and the faculties are knowledeable. Vishal Sir is also very helpful.

Pratik Patel- IELTS 8.0 Bands

Pratik Patel- IELTS 8.0 Bands

I was very weak at writing. Careermakers was my fourth instittue. I joined 3 other institutes before. But could only manage 6 bands in Writring. I got good score in other modules, but writing was always a problem par for me. Careermakers helped me fix that problem. I would like to thank Careermakers, its faculties who helped me by giving very specific advice to get 8 bands in writing. My writing rockedted to 8 bands. For best guidance in IELTS, contact Careermakers.

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