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CareerMakers IELTS PTE Online(28/03/2020 - Saturday)
The videos will be updated on regular basis. Please be advised that new videos shall replace the old videos. You are therefore requested to watch them regularly.


Important : There are three new videos that we have added. The first video provides explanation about writing informal letters. The second video is about the usage of “I” in essay and third video explains about the linkers in IELTS Speaking module. There will be a test on Tuesday. We shall provide you with the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking topics that you are required to prepare for your Exams. 


How to do Listening : First of all, click the download button. This will open the Listening Question Paper. Play the first audio of first section. Write your answers in your notebook. Scroll through the question paper and play section 2, 3 and 4. Write the answers in your notebook simultaneously. Then check your answer with the correct answer by clicking the answer sheet. three was

CareerMakers PTE Online

This entire session is about PTE listening. Six question types based on Listening are covered over here. Please go through them properly and if required play it again for better understanding. 

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