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Let the Pandemic not come in our way of Learning. We do not just provide Coaching, we show the pathway to get more than 8 bands in IELTS and to get more than 79 in PTE.

Current Pademic Situation(Covid 19) has changed the entire world within just few months. Unless and untill there is a sure shot solution of this dreadful disease it is only safe to say that the best way to do anything is at the comfort of our house and at our convenience. 

In current scenario, going to a particular place for learning IELTS or PTE will endanger ourselves in number of ways. Not only it is time consuming to reach to a study center, but there are ample places through which we could get infected with Coronavirus. Right from using the lift, to using the same furniture that others have used, to using the same computers and others accessoriess being used by others, chances of getting infected are countless. 

By using public places, we are not only jeopardizing our lives but also the lives of our family members. 

GET world class training in IELTS or PTE through us. Our coaching is a combination of live lectures by expert facutlies, video tutorials, and more importantly regular mock tests. 

 With experience of more than 19 years,  our results speak of our quality and commitment. We have results which are incomparable to any other organizations. Attend a free demo session to see the difference. 

Advantages of joining us : 

a) Award Winning institute with highest number of students getting 8.5 bands in IELTS and 79+ in PTE

b) Top class guidance by the owner and British Council certified faculties 

c) Course material designed to emphasize on Skills in Writing, Reading and Speaking

d) Special session to improve Grammatical Range and Accuracy

e) Vocab and Lexical Resource Building Sessions

f) Regular tests for monitored achievement

g) Unlimited course duration and Unlimited Library facilities 

h) Assistance in taking dates and also guiding students for the best date suitable to achieve their desired score. 

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