IELTS – Formal Language to get more score in Writing(A)

Kiran Issrani(IELTS Expert & [email protected])

Hope my first blog on writing was useful to all the readers.

Here, I would like to talk about some common mistakes in Ielts  which students make.

1. Stop using Contractions.

For example, aren’t, can’t, that’s, didn’t, don’t, I’ve , let’s and similar many more. Instead use in the following way: are not , cannot, that is, did not, do not, I have ,let us.

 2. Do not be personal. Use Formal and Impersonal language. Avoid using “I, we and you”

If you are using these three words, you may lose bands.

Instead you can write, ”It can be seen”, It can be considered “.

3. Avoid colloquial words such as moms, kids, a lot of and in place of these words you should use mothers, chidren and many more.

4 . Avoid Run-on words.

It means do not use “so on, etc, such, like that.

For example, Government should focus on poverty, unemployment, over-population etc.

The correct sentence is Government should focus on poverty, unemployment, over-population and many more.

5. Avoid Generalizations. Use specific language.

For instance, Teenagers are irresponsible. (this is completely an informal language)

Correct answer is “Troubled teenagers sometimes behave irresponsibly.

6. Avoid negative forms.

For example “The weather is so cold. It is not going to change.”

Right answer is “The weather seems to stay cold.

7. Avoid dashes.

To illustrate, My new mountain bike-I bought yesterday-is wonderful!

Correct answer is “I am very happy because yesterday I bought a new mountain bike.”

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