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Today, IELTS is recognized in each and every country of the world. However, the requirements of IELTS Bands has drastically increased over the years. For instance, the IELTS requirement of Canada Student Visas has increased from 5.5 Bands in 2009 to 6.5 Bands to 7 Bands in recent times. 

Similarly, the requirement for getting Canada PR according to the latest invitation scenario has also rocketed from 5 Bands to 8 Bands. 

This requires students to get expert guidance and coaching so that the they do not have to pass through the trauma of writing the IELTS exams again and again. 

At Careermakers, we emphasize on Skills Development including indepth training on Reading and Writing and Special emphasis on Speaking. These are the three modules that students usually lag behind. We have designed specific tricks and techniques to make sure that the students pass the exams with the deserving scores. 

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Because we know the Art of getting a High Score in IELTS

IELTS | PTE Results delivered Year after Year

5000+ Students with more than 7.5 bands

2000+ Students with more than 79 score


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