Canada Student Visas

Why to study in the Canada?

Let’s know the reason why Indian Students give more priority to Canada among other countries…

Canada is well-known for its High Quality Education, which provides degrees that are acknowledged and valued globally and that’s all at affordable fees. Canada has already served more than 5 Lakhs (approximately) International Students. Further to it, Canada also provides the opportunities for high quality of life, vast scope for post-study work, and also for immigration. Hence, the Canada catches the eye of Indian Students for study.


Here, are the reasons that Canada could be your next destination

1. Outstanding In Academics

The high quality of education is one of the main reasons to study in Canada for Students. Whenever a Canadian degree received by a students, it shows a mark of trust and outstanding performance. 26 Canadian Universities rank in the list of the QS World Rankings – 2019 and 27 in the list of the Times Higher Education Rankings – 2019.

2. Plentiful Research Opportunities

One of the most compelling motivations why Canadian instruction stands different is a result of its solid spotlight on research and development work. In case you’re an exploration researcher, there can be no goal superior to Canada. The government of Canada and the industries offer endless help to look into particularly for the field of medication, media communication, farming, environmental science and innovation or technology.

3. Within Budget

For most students looking for entrance into a college/university abroad, the most essential factor is the cost which turns out to be an obstacle for the individuals who can’t manage the cost of it. But, the educational cost when compared with colleges/universities in the US and UK, is genuinely less expensive in Canada. Also, thinking about the return on investment, it is a significant reasonable alternative for Indian students. You can likewise investigate a ton of scholarship opportunities, which can additionally lessen your educational costs.

4. Protected and Quiet

Canada has been reliably positioned as one of the most secure countries on the planet. In the 2018, the Global Peace Index recorded it as the 6th peaceful nation in the world. As foreign student, you’ll appreciate indistinguishable rights from some other Canadian. Living in Canada brings along a serene society that gives you a chance to live happy and safe.

5. Earn with Learn

Despite the fact that Canada is a reasonable choice, dealing with the general expense of examining and living may require some committed arranging. Yet, on account of its exceptional controls, students are allowed the chance to work for up to 20 hours consistently at the time of their semesters and full-time at the time of their summer and winter breaks. If an international student works on the campus or as an intern in any organization, then he or she won’t require any extra work permit as his or her study permit would be sufficient to enable to achieve part-time work.

6. Energetic and Active Campus Life

Each institution in Canada boasts of decent variety and a dynamic situation. You can anticipate occasions, fests, and other happening exercises being led every once in a while. It prompts an energetic and active environment for each and every student, helps you to build your social network and meet new individuals and even fends off the homesickness.

7. Opportunities for Immigration:

In the event that you have plans to remain Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) enables students to remain and work in Canada for up to three years after completing their graduation. Thus, one can obtain some international work experience and can apply for permanent residency later on.

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