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Harsh Nayak

I am so happy that at the age of 23 I am able to get Australia Immigration Visas. Thanks to Vishal sir and his team, this dream of getting the PR would have never been possible if not for the help and kind assistance of these people. It would have been easy for them to convice me to apply for Student Visas but Vishal Sir instilled great confidence in me and showed me this wonderful opportunity. I am thankful to them for making the impossible task possible. - Harsh Nayak

Dhruvin Mehta

Had an amazing experience with Career Makers Education. I applied for Canada PR through CME while I was in Germany and I got visa for whole my family while sitting in Germany only, which was totally unexpected. I have never met any of the CME members, but they have done a great job I must say and I am glad I have joined CME. They are very accurate and very transparent throughout whole process. I have never faced any single difficulty or hurdle even I was not available there. I strongly recommend CME for all Immigration purposes.


Dhruv Raval

Right from IELTS classes to visa applications, CME have proved to be the Best consultancy in Ahmedabad that I have chosen after I got my rejection at first attempt for Canada PR. I have recently got my visa for Canada PR through Express Entry. I am heartily thankful to CME for getting me PR. I am very happy with all their services and would recommend to everyone who wants to go abroad.


Rajesh Bhatt

Would you believe one thing ? This is the quality and potentila of Careermakers. My two brother in laws Nutan Vyas and Rashmin Vyas got Australia PR through them. I got Canada PR through them. Do I need to say something else.


Disha and Anant Choksi

So much delighted to get the Australia Pr Visas. Words cannot describe the feelings. Vishal Shah is the only person who helped me out to realize our goals. He is the right man to help me out to select the right occupation when everybody else was reluctant. If it is PR it has to be Careermakers - Disha Choksi


Tejas Dave and Family

2016... Sunny Dave(My Brother got the visas. 2019....Tejas Dave(I got my visas). Thanks for changing the life of my entire family.


Rutul Barot and Family

I am just 24 years old. This is the age when people think of going on Student Visas. However, confidence provided by Vishal Sir and his team make me to apply for Australia PR. They also provide guidance for Student Visas and it could have been easier for them to divert me. But they told me that my case is possible for Australia PR and I trusted them and I am very delighted to do that. Got Australia PR in


Nayan Gadhvai and Family

I was working with a small private firm in Baroda. With no future. Currently working with the Government organization of South Australia and living a very happy life. My family is also very happy. Thanks Vishal and his team.

Brijesh Patel and Family

Brijesh Patel & Family

“Got Australia PR visas without any hassle. Documentation, guidance and other things were top notch. CareerMakers is very strong in documentation work which helps to get the things done with ease. Living in Baroda, I just visited him once for the entire procedure. Simply outstanding.


Sunil Patel & Family

I was in Singapore when I got my Visas and was working with a top notch bank while I got my visas. Therefore, this decision was very important for me. I and my family were looking for someone who could take care of our file, without us giving time. One of my very close friends gave the reference of Mr. Vishal(CareerMakers). He also got Australia PR thorough them. I just communicated to him through phone and after 8 months, I got Australia PR. These speak volumes of the quality of work.


Sanjay Pansuriya & Family

I got Australia PR Visa YESTERDAY. Specially thanks to Vishal sir who give me a lot of support and guidance . Entire team of Career Makers are very helpful specially Komal madam . Career makers are the best platform for migration to Australia and Canada. Very personal services and affordable fees...Thanks all.


Bijoy Thomas & Family

I rate Vishal sir and team to be the best professionally managed Visa & Immigration consultants available in India. I got my PR for Australia with my family under the points based skill category under the guidance of Vishal Sir and team. I am a candidate with more than 10 yrs of experience in Oil & gas industry and I totally jelled with the transparency and clarity that Vishal Sir and team provides to a PR candidate. The best part is that he never advertise himself and his team, however people reach him through references across the globe. I am one of them. Thanks Vishal sir, komal madam and PTE coach for all your efforts. Thank you and keep providing such excellent support to experience candidates like me looking for a PR to Australia.


Chirag Goswami & Family

I was working in PUNE and got the news from Vishal Sir about my visas. Truly amazing feeling. Putting the file is an extremely important decision of your life. Make sure, you do not give your file to those were there is no one person taking care of it. In most the consultancies, I visited before, the file is being handled by SO CALLED COUNSELORS who keep on changing every now and then. Just imagine your file is being given to those who are new and then the things start right from the scratch. Here are careermakers, Vishal sir is the one who would take care of your file like his child.


Dhruv Patel & Family

Words cannot describe the care that Careermakers took of my entire file. The fees are reasonable and the policy is transparent.


Harsh Brahmbhatt & Family

I have my brother who is staying in Australia and he wanted me to put the file all by himself. However, I took the expert advice of Mr. Vishal and his team and I got the visas within 5 months in the most hassle free manner.


Chirag Chavda and Family

Before 12 years my Brother Tejas Chavda got the visas thorugh Vishal Sir(Careermakers). Now it is my turn. Got the visas yesterday.


Rachit Patel and Family

I was not able to visit more than once to thier officer. But the professionalism with which my file was handled speak tonnes about CAREERMAKERS and its team. We got visas and and they are the most competent and one of the best AUS PR consultants of India.


Manoj Patel

I am fortunate by having immigration consultant like CME. My wife and I got my Canada Pr thorugh CME under Manitoba Nomination Program. We three families have gone to CareerMakers together and we all have got positive outcome. My one cousin has got student visa from them. His referred friends have also got their student visas. All credits go to careemakers and its team. I specifically thank to Dhruval mam who has guided for collecting documents. My file got cleared without any hassles. I am really very much thankful to CME . I will surely suggest careermakers to all my relatives and friends for its PR, student visa and IELTS/PTE coaching services.


Alex Chauhan

I have got my Canada PR through CareerMakers. My sister has gone from careermakers few years back along with her family. She strongly suggested me to directly to CME only. I started my procedure and found it very satisfactory and professional. During my visa file, I also referred one of my friends and he also has got visa through. Excellent and prompt service like no other consultant.


Ankit Mehta

I got my CANADA PR visas with my spouse and my family and I am very much delighted to get the same. Today is one of the happiest days of my life. I thank Careermakers, Dhruval Mam, staff members and all those who helped me thoroughly for my file. The people of careermakers are very professional, yet friendly and I wish them very best of luck. I suggest all those who wish to apply for CANADA or Australia migration to contact them without any hesitation.


Dhaval Jasani

My wife and I got Canada PR with the help of careermakers and its team. I was referred by my friend for this consultancy. I met team of careermaker and to other consultants as well in order to decide the best person for my file. I am quite satisfied with its services. After getting PR, they have given informative job and accommodation assistance ship without charging a penny. True guideline for all. Salute to Careermakers and its team.


Divyesh Bhatt

Excellent experience with the team of CME. I have got my Canada PR through CareerMakers. Its personal attention, documents guideline, follow-ups are admirable. They are competitive enough and highly knowledgeable in this field... I suggested its services to many friends and relatives....

Surendra Bhariya

I live in Pune and I got reference of CME through one of my friend and initially I was always in dilemma as how will my file work as I am not available in the same city, but all those confusions proved wrong by CME, when I just got my Canada PR visa through them. Excellent services and most positive staff I have ever seen. I must appreciate all the members of CME for providing such great services and even post visa services as well to their clients.


Vinod Tulsiyani

Thank you so much Career Makers and their whole team for getting my dream come true. Recently I got my Canada PR visa through FSW category in just 4 months and I have cleared my IELTS as well through CME only. They are all so focused for results of their clients and have never given false commitments to anyone. I am very much amazed and impressed with all their services and recommend everyone who wishes to move to abroad as same as me.


Nirav Patel

I came to CareerMakers to get Canada immigration process and it was superb session. I have been to many consultancies but no one is this much impressive. My wife and I started preparation of my file along with IELTS preparation. I have completed Master in Dental Surgeon and got level -9 in IELTS by getting techniques-based coaching of IELTS. Careermaekrs has practical and caring approach. They checked status regularly and updated me on time. Thanks to careermakers and its team for my visa success.


Mihir Macwan

I strongly recommend CME for PR process especially for Canada. Easy file submission process and you don’t have to worry once they start the process. Nice office and good people work there who have a lot of experience in PR process. No hidden charges and affordable fee structure. They answer each and every question nicely and make you understand. Easily got my PR. Receive call and give updates on watsapp and email.


Rashmi Vyas

Hiren Patel and Family

Hiren Patel & Family

were really helpful and honest about my PR options, and all advise provided by them were carefully researched and tailored specific to my profile. Vishal Sir in particular provided 100% true guidance unlike other consultancy who are interested in their payments, where as Career Makers education is more interested in getting Correct VISA in timely manner rather than just the money.


Rachana Desai

Fantastic experience with careermakers for my entire Canada PR file. Most updated and professional consultant for Canada PR.


Payal Patel

I got my Canada immigration visa under PNP. I am so happy and for that I am thankful to CareerMakers and its team. It has provided very nice service throughout my immigration process. CME had given me all information in detail with facts. That is the reason; I chose CareerMakers for my file process. I submitted my file before that from another consultant but it was rejected. But, CareerMakers has submitted my file with great care with its proficiency. My file had some issue in between but CME had handled it very nicely. I have also cleared my IELTS examination from CME. Its faculties , owner and all other staff members are very supportive and kind to me. I really enjoyed my entire journey with it. My spouse and my kids are also very happy by getting Canada PR visa. My dream has come true with the help of CareerMakers. I thank CareerMakers once again and suggest everyone to come to it. My two cousins have applied from there and they have also got their PR approval. Big THANKS to CareerMakers ………..


Rahil Khan

   Careermakers follows high standards of working. The owner himself takes initiative to counsel and gives his valuable experience. Wonderful teaching techniques and best in class facilities. Most trusted and renowned in Ahmedabad with 3 branches in developed areas. Wonderful guidance for PR and supportive in each way. A class apart from other consultancies. Will recommend at least one visit to anyone who is either planning for PR or student visa.



I got my Canada PR visa under SINP- Express Entry Stream. I thank a lot to CareerMakers to help me in getting success in my dream. I stayed out of Ahmedabad and it was impossible to go to consultant office frequently. I have visited many consultants of the city; but, selected CareerMakers only due to its professionalism and depth knowledge. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and has got 6.0 bands in each module of IELTS . This is the first consultant which guided me about the PNP -EE application. I have got my visa in approximately 13 months along with my wife and a kid. I am really happy and strongly suggest everyone to join leader for PR process.


Mayank Prajapati

Best Australian PR consultants in India. The entire procedure was like a smooth sailing ship. The fees are affordable, attention top class and guidance praiseworthy


Mr. Wagh and Family

Got my Australia PR without any hassle. The experience of more than 15 years is not comparable. We got our PR visas thorugh Careermakers. They are the best Immigration consultants of Ahmedabad.

Manish Das

Manish Das and Family

I and my wife are thankful to Careermakers team to get the Australia Pr. I have come across number of consultants but could not find out anyone who is as good as these guys. Thanks a ton


Avni Patel & Family

I was a little apprehensive in selecting the right consultants. As my file was previously refused through another consultant for CANADA because of his negligence. Careermakers was referred by me colleague whose relative got the immigration through them. I visited them thrice before taking this important decision. But whenever I went, I was given all the guidance without asking me to initiate the procedure. There are consultants who would ask for payment of fees from the very first day. This is the difference. During my visit everytime, I could see that there are visas they are getting. This shows the efficacy of their work. I am really thankful to them for their whole hearted efforts.


Kushan Patel & Family

My Australian PR case was quite complicated, over the time complexities multiplied with changes and tweaks in immigration rules and my changing jobs. Initially I hired MARA to handle my case unfortunately it reached to road block, and then I consulted with CME with my friend's reference. I believe that if it was not CareerMakers Education and their due diligence, I would not have an Australian PR today, and quite possibly would have been a few hundred thousand poorer. My quest for a PR started almost 5 years ago and due to several unfortunate scenarios, I had to wait to select right occupation for me to be invited to apply. In hindsight, I made a good decision to pick CME, as they supported and advised me on the right approach to immigration. In between, there were several crucial moments during this time where CME advised me on what I should do next and what is expected next. By enlarge Vishal Sir's knowledge, and right strategy got me Australia PR in just 75 days, isn't That Wonderful..!!


Sapan Shah & Family

One of the most important aspect of this organization is its transparency. In this field, there are number of ways to earn money during the processing of file. But these guys are very high on commitment and they carry out their job with utmost care and attention. I got my PR visas with a score of 6 bands in IELTS only. Fantastic job.


Vipin Kumar & Family

I have never visited them. I sent all the documents on email and the guidance was also on phone. Even after getting the Visas I could not visit him as I stay and work in Mumbai. Hence, if anyone is staying abroad and wants to go ahead with the procedure, go for it. My experience was very good and praiseworthy.


Piyush Patel & Family

Thanks Careermakers and his team, particularly Vishal Sir, for making this wonderful thing happen. Very excited to start a new lease of life in Australia,


Jay Patel

Fantabulous experience. More importantly timely guidance and dedication towards clients are the qualities that one could see in Careermakers.

ishan desai

Ishan Desai and Family

Fantabulours !! Got PR Visas in 3 months. Thanks Careermakers

yatin patel

Yatin Patel and Family

We got AUSTRALIA PR through Careermakers. We got the reference of Mr. Vishal from my sister who stays in Australia. From Day one to Result, my file was handled with care and utmost professionalism. Thanks ...



Today I got my Canada Express Entry Visa. Thanks to CareerMakes and all its team members. My special thanks to Dhruval Mam and Uttpreksha Mam for their immense support. This is the place where you get 100% positive results. The careermakers team worked relentlessly with complete dedication and professionalism. I also went some other consultant for my visa file but was very much dissatisfied. I started my process from here with recommendation. I did my coaching and visa file from CME and support was tremendous for all services. Words are not enough to describe how I am feeling today. Once again my sincere gratitude to whole team of careermakers


Alka Solanki

Hurray!!! I got my Canada PR today and I am so happy. My family and I have been waiting for this moment from long time. I have gone to the other consultancy, but nothing was happened to my file. I waited for almost 10 months, but no result. I was not aware about the process of my file. But, thank to Dhruval mam and her team for transparency during entire process. They work very precisely. The entire team is quite updated with the latest rules of immigration. Guidance is to the point with no false promises. Thanks a lot careermakers.


Dhaval Jasani

2. Very much impressed with the approaching methodology, point to point talk and understandable counseling ways. Easy documentation and smooth PR process here. Great Knowledge with superb ways of getting the things done with ease. Best services with affordable price. Kind and understanding staff. Loyal to commitments and deadlines. Got my Canada PR visas in just 9 months.


Dwijal Modi

I thing choosing career makers was the best decision I made for my Australia PR. Before going to career makers I was quite worried for all the process and documentation but just one visit to careermakers made me stress free. Wonderful assistance for PR and even after that they provided their support. One of the best visa consultancies in Gujarat as of my opinion.


Jigar Sanghavi

Unlike other firms, career makers believe in honesty and it’s truly their best policy. Personalized coaching, special focus on meticulous details and expertise in application handling sets them apart. Even if you have enrolled in some other institute/consultancy, you have visit here for an honest and best opinion. And thanks to them that I got amazing score, invitation and finally PR much earlier than anticipated.


Sunil Patel

My name us sunil patel and I got Can PR under OINP ..Ontario immigration nomination program through careermakers. This complex journey would have remained incomplete without their dedicated help... Thanks a lot to dhruval mam and her entire staff... The honesty with which they work is unparalleled


Manpreetsinh Dang

I got my Canada PR visa under MPNP and I feel so happy. I have got overall 5.5 bands and my uncle is staying in Manitoba. My uncle has told me to visit CareerMakers for the processing of immigration. He has got the reference from Canada for its services. I met to Dhruval mam and found that she has depth and updated knowledge. She and her team are very supportive and enough kind to provide answers of all my questions. I started my process of PR from them and did IELTS preparation from them. Careermakers has guided me for all documents and inquiry questions. Everything was absolutely fine during process and finally; I got visa. My entire family is so happy for me and thankful to careermakers.

Hasmukh Chaudhary

Hasmukh Chaudhary

I got very good score in IELTS and already applied for my Canada PR and got the Canada PR very quickly. Easily tbe best consultant for Canada PR in India. No doubut. All my friends got the Canada Immigration through them. Trustable and Affordable

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